Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As I posted in the last blog we had visitors of the 4 legged kind for two weeks.. where did the time go? We had so much fun with them! Even Randy had to admit he was quite taken with the little "beasties", but figured that was only because he knew they were going to be leaving soon. Here is my favorite photo that I snapped while they were here.
We also now have a visitor of the two legged kind as well. Manon Stephenson came to visit Cuenca last year, and we met during our cooking class. She has returned to set up a house for her family of 4 dogs and her husband, Steve. We are enjoying her company until she finds a house for rent that suits their needs.
Here are the dogs awaiting their owners return today. We kept telling them about it... I think they knew..
Here is the reunion.. I am not sure but I think hugged Randy first... but I could be mistaken..
Fluffy and Corky never looked back when they left...
While out and about we got some interesting pictures of this and that. So here they are.

Well, not very good, but the little sign was for Junior Achievement!

I liked the name of this internet cafe!

We have missed sweet corn on the cob.. we found it at Supermaxi, 3 ears for almost $4. It was VERY yummy!
Yep, bugs in Cuenca, this "little" guy was sucking the life out of our Tomate de Arbol!
Tonite we are having a Welcome Home BBQ for Clarke & Brenda. We twisted and whined until they agreed. I think they are really would rather stay home, but Randy pulled out the big guns and is BBQing Chicken legs and warming up left overs! Who could resist? I know I can't.. I can smell it all over in the house and my mouth is watering!

Now all we need is that corn on the cob... wonder if I have time to go in search of more?


  1. Welcome home Clarke and Brenda. Your puppies were in good hands.

  2. Hmmm maybe I'll bring Nilly when I come to visit. Randy looks good with a furry friend! ;)

  3. I am so happy that You guy's found such a good home. With my diabetes and neuropathy it is hard for me to be comfortable away from home for very long.
    It seems like life was so much more fun when I used to drink.
    Ed Henderson

  4. Hey Cuz! Glad you read the blog. This is a nice way to keep in touch with everyone. Sorry your medical issues are giving you troubles.. but please do not "self medicate" we love you!

  5. Saw Ecuador on HGTV House Hunters last night! Beautiful ocean, seaside homes and condos. Where was it? I can't remember. But it was temptingly beautiful and "cheap".