Sunday, March 20, 2011


We have two very special guests staying with us for two weeks. They are tiny well behaved Pekingese. Fluffy is 8 yrs old, and she is the Aunt to Corky, who is 5 yrs old.

Fluffy and Corky know us from our frequent visits to their home, but this is the first time they have been to ours, and to their dismay we cannot have dogs inside our home. Randy has allergies to dogs, so they are boarding in the office which is adjacent to our house, but does not open up into the house..and playing in the yard. This is a new thing for them as they usually have to be on a lease. So the upside for them is no leash.. I ma not so sure they wouldn't rather be in a house...
They were not too pleased with the situation, but after some hugs and play they decided it probably was ok, for now... but we have noticed that Fluffy has a bit of passive agressive tendencies.. she lets us see her irritation by her choice of resting spots.
We were sure that their humans, Clarke and Brenda would be worried so we made sure to send them Proof of Life photos the very next day so they would not worry during their flight back to the US.



Corky and Fluffy have decided that one of their best places to hang out is on top of the picnic table.. preferably with the umbrella up. They keep Randy company when he is out there smoking.

We are looking forward to our next week with them. I am hoping the weather will clear up and we have some sunny days so we can spend more time outdoors with them. I think they are hoping for that as well.

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  1. Oh...I can tell they are happy little campers over at Camp Kimblers! I especially like the shot of 'boys' hanging out. Corky will probably be smoking cigars and playing poker by the time we return! Missing you all here in the Land of Oz. Hugs, Clarke and Brennie