Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have no clue what to call this blog. I keep thinking I should find something very clever to say. But alas.. nothing is coming to mind.

I don't really even have a topic. Do you want to hear about my weaving or knitting.. nope. Randy's current passion of watching every episode of Wagon Train with a little Rawhide mixed in? No? Should I go on and on about my daughter's upcoming nupitals?  Hmm.. OK, well let me tell you of the..No, I already told you about that.

OK, let me be honest. Where ever you live you have day to day things that you do. That's about all we have done!

Sometimes I feel like a blog resolves itself into one of those crazy Christmas letters that you get that tells you all about someones job, their kids education achievements and on and on about the grandchildren. I'll try not to do that.

We have met a ton of new folks coming to Cuenca. I never can remember their names because I only see them for a few scant seconds.. then months later its .. oh hi, I am sorry, I have forgotten your name. A lady here always introduces herself. I was very happy the first 7 times. Now I remember her! She says she always does that to let anyone off the hook.  Great idea.

Our weather is good, getting warmer. We are looking forward to maybe a trip to Banos Ambato with friends... hmmm. what else..

We are happy, healthy and enjoying our life here. We are safe and somewhat sound. We are not being taken over by drug runners, nor engulfed in a tsunami or a lava flow from a volcano. We are not even getting any rumblings of earthquakes.

I will catch you up on all the continuing excitement next month; I bet you can't wait!


  1. Glad to hear that everything is NORMAL. Our life is NORMAL here too. Life has a way of finding a routine, no matter where you live!

    1. Thanks Patty.. I just feel so mundane... :>)

  2. This is an easy blog to respond to:
    1 yes, i want to hear about Ward Bond and early Clint Eastwood (in fact, my brother in Bolivia might want to move to Cuenca!)
    2 I will be constantly reminding everyone of my name - because then they will not feel badly about reminding me of their name - if I always mix up the names of my four sisters...........)
    3 you could mention where you have gone on your bikes
    4 and, always, you can let us know that you are okay and still loving it there

    Charlotte NC
    Late spring 2013

    1. OK Denise.. next issue.. the saga of the bike.. Not so much about rides.. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Karen and Randy,
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog from "The Beginning!"
    Bo and I are leaving Eugene, Oregon in the next few weeks to start our new beginning in Cuenca. Your story has been a real inspiration that we too can do this! I cannot wait to have finally have a home and routine in Cuenca. For now, we'll be feeling a bit homeless inbetween leaving and arriving - we're entering Cuenca blindly! Hope to meet you one day there. You can read about us at
    Keep on writing your story - I so enjoy it.