Sunday, May 6, 2012


Our friend Vicky, who has been house sitting in Paute for our other friend Jani, invited a bunch of us over for her Cinco de Mayo party. Knowing that most of the invitees did not know the way; Randy and I met them at the bus terminal (Terminal Terrestre) and hearded them through the bus station and off to Paute. The bus was cramped, and as I warned Suzanne Thurston.. they will put as many people in the isles as in the seats.
So our happy crew of the Clark family, Suzanne Thurston (2nd day in Ecuador and doing a road trip AWESOME) and us, found seats and paid our .75 each to ride 45 minutes to Paute.

Randy and I were very happy that we  figured out where to hop off the bus (the route had changed..) We were right across the street from the house.. How easy is that! As we came up the drive I saw the pinata that Vicky had told us about.

Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated here. Vicky was determined to not let that stop her. She enlisted the help of her neighbor children, a bunch of flour, water, glitter, paint and IRS forms and came up with a pinata for the party.

We were served a mix of mexican foods and beer as everyone visited and got to know each other. Some of us had only met on Facebook until this day!
The refrigerator is Vicky's. It is sitting on a pallate waiting for its new home.

After all the grown ups socialized the little girls who had made the pinata were very anxious to get to this pinata! It took a bit of urging but finally they started swinging at it and in the end it need some heavy duty pounding but they got to the candy.
It was a fun day, and great field trip for all the folks who went with us on the bus! Thanks Vicky we had fun!
Vicky Capers!
Today it is COLD. My weather link says its 59. But I think in the house its still in the 40's. To that end. I decided today would be a great day to make cornbread. Yeah, I know. I dont cook.. but on occasion I do like to bake. After consulting the internet and finding a high altitude recipe that I had all the ingrediants for, I proceded to trash the kitchen that Randy had cleaned while I slept in..
It turned out pretty good. I have an issue with the oven that is yet to be resolved. It heats up too slow and I am too impatient to wait for it to come up to the correct it was a bit singed..

It was very good though.. and while I baked, Randy as usual was helping in another part of the house..Yeah, I got it good!


  1. Karen, The cornbread looks delicious.

  2. Nice to see my buddy Randy wearing shorts again. LOL

  3. What fun day!!!!
    Todd and I had a chance to bump into Vickie at the CoffeeTree on our second visit - what a hoot!
    And had to LOL over your baking skills...A girl after my own heart..