Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I titled this the way I did to let my family know its not really a very interesting post if you are not interested in moving to Ecuador. Most of my family are still shaking their heads, and letting us know its ok to change our minds..

It has come to my attention, that I am meeting folks on forums and Facebook who have alot of questions so I thought I would just do a listing of all the sources that I have bookmarked and used when we were investigating Ecuador. Yeah, I'm lazy that way.

So here you go.  My advise, "Google" every which way to find info, read it, take notes, and then come to visit. While here.. DO NOT BUY REAL ESTATE! (ok, soapbox is gone).  sign up for the Gringo Tree on the left column!  local newspaper! Use your Google Translate to help!   FREE online Spanish

If you are a Face book person we have a wonderful group on there as well..  COMPLIATION OF EC BLOGS  Connie wrote a great book, its on Kindle and you can get it put on your computer if you do not have Kindle.. 2.99 worth every penny.

OK, now go forth and RESEARCH! We have all done it. It's time consuming, and confusing at times. We all have different ideas of what is acceptable, don't take our word for it.. research and if you think it might be interesting.. come visit.


  1. We did the reseach, came and visited, had coffee with you and your husband at the Kookaburra Cafe, loved our experience and then . . .

    We ended up in Moldova, Eastern Europe, no, not to settle but for another job. My man just wasn't ready for retirement and so we are here living the (working)expat life for a few more years. And then, well, we may come to Cuenca.

    It's a great place!

  2. Hi, good to hear from you again! Thank you for continuing to read out blog. I wondered who was checking in from that part of the world! Hope to some day meet up with you again here in Cuenca!

  3. Great resources. Now all we need is a mailing list when Pitahaya goes on promcion at Coopera.

  4. Well I am sure you could figure out a way to get that going! I would sign up for it!

  5. Thank you, Karen, for all the great information and also mentioning my little book.:-) And for the exhortation to research, research, research!

  6. Well I do like to pass on good info.. so of course I mentioned you!

  7. I loved the website for learning Spanish. I will be using it.

    I loved learning Greek when I lived there (for a year). It is such a picturesque language. I would LOVE to retire there. I picked it up in about 3 months because I was living with a family. Immersion learning. I did speak English during the day while I taught school though.

    I knew I had it when I dreamed in Greek. LOL

    Thanks for sharing all this. Love reading about your adventures!

    Much love and big hugs Karen!

    Your still very wonderful high school roommate!

  8. Thank you so much for posting all this good information. I have just spent the morning reading everything on your website!

    Are you both from Seattle? I am a writer and artist (retired graphic designer), Seattle native, presently living in Lake Forest Park. I've been researching retirement locations for several months. I plan to move to Cuenca in March 2012.

    I'll be looking forward to more of your blog posts!


  9. HI Carolyn,
    we are from the East side.. TriCities Wa. There are alot of writers here in Cuenca, as well as I believe 2 writer groups. So you will have lots of company in that respect! Hope to hear from you again, and glad you enjoy reading my blog!