Friday, September 3, 2010


Today we had a very full and fun day starting with a really nice breakfast at the California Kitchen, at 8:30 a.m.  We were meeting Chuck & Nancy and Clarke & Brennie and "kids". I say kids because they are all under 27 yrs old! As you can see we were having a great time and as usual the food was delicious.

After breakfast we rode a bus to Ricuarte, then we all loaded into a Mixto (pickup truck) and we were ferried up the hill to the mountian where our destination for the day was Cuenca Canopies. A company who meets the needs of thrill seekers. There were Zip line rides, Tree walks, and something that involved climbing inside a huge blown up clear ball and rolling down a hill.. luckily it was not available.

After arriving the brave ones of our group harnessed up for the upcoming thrill ride.

Some had more trouble than others.........
But eventually they were all ready to go......
Here are a few photos, but as I was not one of the brave ones I was not very close during all the hair raising action. This one is Randy at his post to get some video.
Here they are getting their last rites.. ugh I mean instructions....

And off they went! There were a series of 6 zip lines that worked their way from "the bunny slope" to the "black diamond" (in Ski speak). I thought as I saw them take off that it really wasnt that scary. Until I saw the ones that came later... they were definately a thrill. None of these photos really show the depth of the canyons they were going over, but lets just say that they got their $8 worth!

After awhile we could not really see them any more unless we hiked way down a hill so Nancy, Randy and I retreated into the wonderful chalet style waiting area.

Every one agreed it was a great time, and that they would return with friends. Cuenca Canopies called a Mixto, and we all got in for the ride back to Cuenca. It was a nice day, lots of laughs and the adrenaline junkies were ready to rest up abit before they are off to their Salsa lessons tonite!


  1. OMG, I can't believe you guys did that?! I'm taking notes for when our sons arrive (both are thrill seekers and expert rock climbers). ;-)

  2. Looks like your making the most out of it!