Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are in a lull, somewhat like a sailor experiences when the wind quits.. they just float along until the next bit of wind moves them along on their journey. We are in a lull... there is nothing urgent that needs to be done, we have more time than we have issues, or so it seems.

We walk the mall and stores looking at cooking supplies, comparing prices, trying to determine if we only need a few pieces is it wise to buy a whole set because its cheaper? Or is it really cheaper? Is it a good deal if you really dont need all those pieces? Randy was excited at one store because we could get 4 pieces of luggage for $99. I pointed out that we only needed one big piece, oh yeah... not a good deal.. We actually need two big suitcases because we will be sending one with our friends in April when they return to Cuenca. So the search continues. We find one at the Liquidation store here locally, $30... Randy thinks its too cheap. What? For one trip? I think its fine. We are just looking anyway, neither of us has any money... we are on a budget..


  1. A great source of inexpensive one-way luggage is a thrift shop like the Goodwill.

  2. You can also pack boxes and use them on some airlines! A trick we use it to wrap them with and inexpensive self adhesive wall paper and wrap with a small rope for handles. Just be sure to check total dimensions and weight!

  3. Definitely go to thrift stores to find suitcases. I bought two huge ones for $5 each, and we pack them to the gills everytime we head down to our house in EC.....then haul them back empty for the next trip. Once, Copa lost one of the empty ones on our return trip back to LAX - and actually delivered it to our CA (two hours away) a couple of days later.